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RLR Laundry Treatment Pouch

IDR 45.000

Bubuk khusus untuk mengangkat residu detergent pada pakaian agar kembali lembut, bersih bersinar. Dapat digunakan pada proses stripping insert cloth diaper yang sudah tidak efektif menyerap pipis si kecil.

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Frustrated with cloth diapers that leak and stink? RLR Laundry treatment is the solution to restore absorption and remove odors.
RLR Laundry Treatment is not a soap, but a laundry additive that enhances fabric quality without detergents, bleach, or blueing agents. RLR contains no phosphates or perfumes and is biodegradable.
It is not necessary to use RLR during every washing of cloth diapers, just when a problem such as reduced absorbency or odor occurs. RLR can also be used monthly to prevent residue build-up.
Strip your cloth diapers with RLR by adding the entire packet to a hot wash cycle WITHOUT detergent or other additives. To help ensure that all residue is removed from the diapers, allow the diapers to soak overnight (you can interrupt the cycle when the washer has filled with water--but be sure to leave the lid closed for safety). During the wash cycle, take a peek inside the washer to see residual detergent foam with dirt, grime, and oils suspended inside. Repeat hot wash cycles with water only until no more foam or suds are present.

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